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Starting off with Saskatchewan as a whole: sales have slowed relative to last year’s record highs, however, to no surprise, have remained well above the long-term trends. With changes in both sales and supply levels, conditions have remained unchanged as the sales-to-new listings ratio remained over 60% and the months of supply stayed above five months.

While the sales have slowed, the market is indicating more of a balance between supply and demand compared to levels in the spring. Although the market favors towards the seller, the recent shift towards a more balanced market is taking pressure off of prices. Throughout Saskatchewan, benchmark home prices have eased over the past few months, but still remain well above last year’s levels. Since the

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We all know how beautiful fall is with the ever-changing leaf colours, the fresh autumn aromas, and the oh-so delicious pumpkin spice lattes.

As we embrace the cool fall weather and all that it entails, we also need to embrace the fact that our homes may need a little extra maintenance to prepare for the weather that is ahead. In just 10 easy steps, we can help you have your home ready for fall and those impending below-zero temperatures.

  1. Clean out Your Gutters and Spouts:

    Although it is a mundane task, it is an important one. Clearing out all those leaves and debris saves your home from water leaks and foundation damage. If the water cannot easily flow out of your gutters and spouts, it will inevitably find someplace else to go.

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We’re back! Here’s the latest on the housing market in Saskatchewan, Regina and Region!

Saskatchewan Sales have increased by 36.4% since the beginning of 2021, are sitting at 1,393, with a marked decrease (11.3%) from last August. Of consequence, August, 2020 had sales that hit a new record high which explains the 11.3% decrease year-to-date. According to Saskatchewan REALTORS Association CEO, Chris Guérette, “… It is important to note that sales are still at levels that are far better than what were seen in August prior to the pandemic”. Sales of all property types on a year-to-date basis have Saskatchewan currently at a new record high!

Similar trends in New Listings: Since the beginning of the year, August has risen by 11.5% to 2,379

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What has been happening in the Regina and Region Real Estate Market? Here is a brief look at what happened in February, 2021.

In February, the Tourney Group added a new member to our team! We are pleased to welcome Kelly Kuntz to the RE/MAX Joyce Tourney Realty and Tourney Group family. Kelly has been working in residential real estate since 2008, and is a dedicated and experienced agent. She is a great addition to our team! February was a busy month for Tourney Group agents, and we are expecting to see the Spring market start off with a bang! In Saskatchewan, sales increased by 74% in comparison to February of last year! Year-to-date, the number of sales went from 663 to 1,157 for a 62.3% increase. Despite the…
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February Housing Market Update


What has been happening in the Regina and Region Real Estate Market? Here is a brief look at what happened in January, 2021. 


For Tourney Group, the new year started off with reflecting on our personal and business goals from 2020, and creating new ones for 2021. Tourney Group also announced that we are hiring experienced, licensed Real Estate Agents to become apart of our team! We have an exciting year planned and are continuing to fine tune our business model to work well in the future post-pandemic world. 

The 2021 Real Estate market is off to a strong start. Sales are up 49% from the previous January for the whole province! Where January is typically a slower time with fewer new listings on the market (this year inventories

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What has been happening in the Regina and Region Real Estate Market? Here is a brief look at what happened in December, 2020.


The end of 2020 was much anticipated. At Tourney Group, we celebrated the holiday and end of the year with our Zoom call office Christmas party. This is very different from a typical year for us but it was still a fun evening with good conversation and holiday cheer nonetheless. With the increased restrictions in the province brought on by the rise in COVID cases, we are continuing to employ safety protocols and practices to ensure the safety of our clients, the general public, and ourselves. We are positive that things will be looking up in 2021!

Overall, December 2020 was a strong month for real

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December 2020 Market Update


What has been happening in the Regina and Region Real Estate Market? Here is a brief look at what happened in November, 2020.


The rise in COVID cases throughout the province and subsequent increased restrictions have not turned people away from buying and selling real estate. If anything, these restrictions have allowed people to feel more comfortable in buying and selling. The Tourney Group is continuing to look after all of our clients' health and safety. We are wearing masks at all times, limiting the number of people that are in a property at any given time and are not providing in-person public open houses. We are instead continuing to opt for our virtual open houses that are hosted on our Facebook page. With this in mind,

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May 2020 Market Update


What has been happening in the Regina and Region Real Estate Market?  Here is a brief look at what happened in April, 2020.


The Saskatchewan Government has deemed REALTOR®s to be an essential service.  The Tourney Group is continuing to work hard for our clients, although we are having to work a little differently.  Showing houses requires special precautions, and virtual and Facetime showings are options available to our clients.  When listing houses, special precautions are taken, and all paperwork can be signed electronically.  We are readily available by phone, text, and email, and Zoom conference calls have become a popular option.  We host virtual open houses on our Facebook page several times a week. Our main focus right now is to

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We are closely monitoring the impact of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) on our local community and the real estate industry in Saskatchewan.  As of right now we are open for business and will continue to offer you the same amazing customer service and professionalism that you are used to.  However, we are following the guidelines from the Saskatchewan Real Estate Association and the Government of Saskatchewan to ensure we all stay healthy.


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Our website is a great tool to begin your home search.  If you see a home you like you can save it. If you have questions about any of the homes on our website send us a message and one of our agents will be in touch with you

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What has been happening in the Regina and Region Real Estate Market? Here is a brief look at what happened in February, 2020.

  In February, Regina and Region saw 446 new residential listings with 181 residential sales.  This gives us a sale to new listing ratio of 41%. Year to date we have approximately 10.1 months of inventory, with a list to sell ratio of  94.6%, and 83.3 is the average days on market.   Of the 181 sales last month, 47 homes sold under $200,000, 45 sold in the $200,000 to $299,900 price range, and 29 homes sold in the $300,000 to $350,000 price range.  There were only two homes that sold over $750,000.       In order to look at market trends over time we use a tool called the MLS® Home Price Index…
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