Weekend Spot

“This is our happy place”. The weekend home is where the best memories are made. It’s the place for messy hair, for sleeping in, for bonfires and cuddling, afternoon naps and family. 

Grasslands National ParkSaskatchewan has weekend spots that are perfect for relaxing and for roaming. Saskatchewan is home to one of the quietest places on the planet (Grasslands National Park has been deemed the quietest grasslands ecosystem on Earth by acoustic ecologist George Hempton) or you could choose one of the many active resort communities for your weekend escape. Whatever your preferred weekend getaway, the Tourney Group will work with you to determine your perfect home-away-from-home and find your best location. 

Your perfect weekend spot could be owning acres of open land on the Qu’Appelle Valley where you can wander prairie grass, pick wildflowers and berries and watch the sunset, or you might prefer a fully furnished cabin on a lake, with that dream kitchen so you can try all those recipes you don’t have time for back at home during the week. 

Whatever your dream getaway place, the Tourney Group can find it.