5 Reasons Why Winter Is A Great Time To Sell Your Regina Home

Posted by Joyce Tourney on Monday, December 10th, 2018 at 11:35am.

5 Reasons Why Winter Is A Great Time To Sell Your Regina Home

With Saskatchewan temperatures dropping and the holidays quickly approaching, many assume that waiting till spring to sell their Regina home is their best bet. Some fear that the cold, dry weather will ward off potential buyers, but waiting for sunny days to return might not be the most advantageous choice.


We understand that you want to take advantage of the housing market when it comes to selling your Regina home. Everyone does!

But there are plenty of serious buyers scouring listings through the winter. Real estate transactions occur every day, regardless of season.

Not only do you have a chance at selling your Regina home in the winter months, but depending on the buyer’s circumstances, you might just make their holiday by presenting them with their ideal new home.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons why winter is a great time to sell your Regina home.

1. Less Competition

Perhaps the most obvious reason to sell your Regina home in winter is the lack of inventory available at this time of year. When many Regina sellers are preoccupied with holiday bustle, your home can have its shining moment at the forefront of the Regina real estate market.

Without the usual competition to contend with, your Regina home will appear much more attractive to buyers, especially if it’s priced accurately.

2. The Price Is Right

Again, your Regina home for sale can benefit largely from the low inventory that wintertime tends to promote. If your home is accurately priced, it has a much better chance of being sold in the wintertime.

Perhaps the buyer needs to move quickly, or maybe they love your home too much to wait for the market to pick up - whatever the reason, you don’t want to underestimate the power of a well-priced Regina home in winter.

3. Skip The Yard Work

In the spring and summer, buyers are more concerned with curb appeal when searching for their home. Immaculate landscaping and lush plant life have a definitive edge when the weather is warmer.

In winter, however, it’s a bit of a different story, your outdoor plants are either dormant for the season or blanketed by snow, but will remain untouched until the season changes.  First impressions count though, so do keep the driveway, sidewalks and steps clear of snow to ensure a safe and simple entrance to the property. Also make sure the outdoor lights are working.

With less outdoor maintenance, turn your focus on the interior. Take advantage of the winter weather by creating a cozy, warm indoor atmosphere that’s inviting to guests. Maybe play up the season with some festive decor and holiday colours!

4. Unique Buyer Circumstances

As we all know, life doesn’t always follow a seasonal pattern. People may need to move for a variety of reasons, regardless of timing.

Whether their situation involves a new baby, job change, financial changes, or a location-related challenge, an available home might be the greatest gift for a family this season.

Don’t discount the winter real estate market - there are plenty of serious buyers out there who might be looking for a Regina home just like yours. If you’re willing to field offers and allow showings through the winter months, there’s a chance you’ll catch the right buyer at just the right time.

5. Holiday Spirit

Your property might sell faster due to the need to settle down for the holidays or kick start the new year. Regina home buyers might be more likely to “impulse buy” if they’ve been viewing homes in the snow and slush over the past several weeks.

On a similar note, it could be argued that people are typically in good moods around holiday time. As a Regina winter home seller, you might benefit from some good ol’ festive cheer, particularly if you stage your home with seasonal decor.

Questions about selling your Regina home? Check out our Regina Home Seller's Guide and connect with the Tourney Group today for trusted assistance. We'd be glad to help!

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